Open sky is the answer to all!

Some days clear, some days clouded of thoughts,

Down with rainy days and up by brightness aglow,

But it stands still, no matter the monsoon comes or deport,

It’s always intact and proud of the role..

Open sky is the answer to all,

Open sky is the answer to all… !!


She turned around and walked a ‘few steps and turned again and returned to her original position. “Seven steps and a half” she murmured.

The shopkeeper who was watching her confusingly asked ” Lady, are you looking for something you lost here?”

Lisa Said ” Yeah! I am looking for a loop-hole. Nothing can be so perfect right? so there’s gotta be a loop-hole here” and she started walking to her destination.

What are you talking about? he asked. 

“Ok I will tell you in a nutshell. “Loop hole to the Labyrinth, Sir!” and she walked away.

The shopkeeper whole evening thought about the incident but couldn’t guess the story of that girl.  At dinner, he narrated everything to his wife “She did not look like unstable but she was talking crazy. I have seen her crossing my shop often on same timings.”

“That must be her usual route back from office I guess, George” she said while cleaning up the table after dinner. Why don’t you ask her tomorrow if it bothers you that much. Huh! 

The next day he worked impatiently and waited for her to cross his shop. Just like any other day there she was, walking in her own world with loose steps.

“Hey Lady! will you not look for the loop-hole today?” curiously he asked.

“What’s your name Sir? I am Lisa.”

“Lisa, I am George and this is my shop right here.” 

“George, I have already mapped it yesterday and I did not find any loop-hole here. May be someone has already used it, if it was here.” Lisa said and kept her bag on the bench outside his shop.

George scratched his head and said “Look Lisa, I am already stuck with what you said yesterday. If you don’t mind please explain coz its driving me crazy now. Please sit down here on the bench. Lisa smiled at him and they both sat down on that wooden bench.

“George, have you seen or been to a maze anytime?” Lisa stared at him expecting an answer.

“Oh Yes! Recently I took my five years old son to a play maze.” George answered “Have never been to a real one though”.

Lisa giggled ” Ok so you understand the concept at least. George, you know that there is an entry and an exit to a maze. Everything in between the entry and exit is a Labyrinth.” and she continued while George listened to her very deeply and with curiosity “One big maze has many small mazes inside. Circular, triangular or perhaps square in shapes.  Life is just like a maze and we are stuck in Labyrinth of this maze.”

“We enter the maze happily and start playing around without any hint of it. It’s invisible. We walk and run with full energy and grace with our eyes open so that we don’t miss anything, it’s so new.  Then we enter different small mazes of this big maze.  We come out of every maze with different experience and emotion. We meet few people in those mazes who themselves are the travelers. We talk, we love. Without a hint of what they have been through on their journey we perceive or judge many.” 

“By the time we really understand what is happening with us, we had already crossed multiple mazes. Never realize or think to find a way to get out of this maze without breaking any rules of nature or the gamer. When we realize, we start mapping our own steps and time so that we won’t waste more.”

“Consciously while finding a way out again we meet other people who have gone through same experiences, may be in a different sequence. With them we find our comfort. Even together, we still do not know how many mazes more to go or this is the last one but certainly we find our way out this time, coz we are looking for it, together.”

“By this time, we found our own path therefore nothing else matters. We move on. Someday, we will come out of this maze but we will see those paths and those people never again. We will be out of this Labyrinth but that will also be the end of our stories.”

“Lisa, what’s the connection between all this and your statement yesterday?” George said.

“George, due to bad experiences on their journey, many people choose to find a loop-hole in the Labyrinth. It’s against the rule. I was looking for that loop-hole”. Lisa said softly.

George ” Like who?”

Lisa “You met Dina on your journey. She found her comfort with you but you troubled her and pushed her to find a loop-hole. She opted out of this Labyrinth way before she had to.” 

“It’s been …..almost eight years” and He heard his own voice shattering. He couldn’t control his tears this time. May be he understood that he took somebody’s right of travelling this maze. “Are you Dina’s sister?” he asked.


George never saw her on that path again.


Her existence isn’t real!!

She is like blowing wind on the face of a mountain that starts from a certain direction without any clue of where she is headed to. Blindly, she manages to hit the mountain, meet the ground and kiss the ocean but could never catch the sky. All she aspires is to meet the vast sky that let her be with all she is and with all that she wants to be but won’t let her collide. She feels it deep and too deep sometimes to relentlessly get lost in deepness of the blues and that’s when she settles down, just for some time.

Mystified and cautious, she glares at sky, at night and asks “You could let the stars glitter on you; the night with less power can make you dark. You let me blow endlessly and undetermined but why is that I can’t touch you?”

The sky declared

“The stars don’t live to glitter for me, the night doesn’t appear to make me dark. They are just being. They live to serve the purpose.”

“You hit the mountains and they don’t cry. You meet the mother earth and she embraces you. You kiss the ocean and she kisses you back.”

“You on the other hand are forgetting that wherever there is nothing, there I am. You blow through me every time.”

That’s when she rises with more power and fierceness, to feel what she had missed previously.

She feels gleeful, pleasant, thrilled and tickled and that’s how she knew her existence isn’t real its mere a feeling. You be what you feel. You be and not be at the same time, it’s all imaginary!

And he stops reading the book of his latest launch while the media asked him if at least “she” is real and is woman of his life?

He nodded “She is imaginary but she exist, somewhere” and walked out of the hall, away from the world, once again, to find her existence.

Self Acceptance or Self Love?

From daily motivation to an inspirational talk, I see many emphasising on “love yourself”.

Loving yourself? And how exactly do we do that?

I love the way I look , love the way I walk, love the way I smile, what a wonderful person I am, love being who I am and etc etc..

Isn’t it being more self obsessed than being self conscious? I could never understand and may be I won’t, ever.

I believe love happens between two people, between two souls. It can be towards anyone from family, friends or lover, of course.

I won’t deny it totally. You can love yourself but then you can’t love a different person than you. The possibility is that you will keep breaking hearts till you come to an understanding of that “love doesn’t exist”.

Loving self makes us more egoistic than being humble. If we love ourself so much then where is the space and understanding of loving someone else. Then it’s just me, my and myself, always.

No wonder why Love seems just a word nowadays rather than being a beautiful feeling towards somebody. Everyone is busy loving themselves that they have lost the perspective of being in love with somebody else.

Or do we misconceive self acceptance to self love.

I accept the way I look even though I am very thin or fat, short or tall, dark or milky white with some sort of dressing sense.

I accept the way I walk even though it looks hefty , lazy or kind of a tug walk.

I accept who I am no matter if people like me or not,

I accept I was created to be different,

I accept the uniqueness of my body and soul,

I accept being myself anywhere at anytime with anyone,

I accept myself but yes, I love someone else.

Yes, I don’t love myself because it’s a beautiful feeling to be shared with someone and to make their life beautiful.

And it’s irresistible when you find someone confident in their own skin and that’s what make them the most beautiful person in and out.

Darkest of nights

I rarely see the time anymore to write. It’s almost an early morning of a regular day and here I am up to write something I have no clue about. It’s just a random thought got pinned to my senses.

We wait for the sun to come up but at the same time we don’t want the night to get over. Well, that’s how amazing we are with never ending desires.

What if the nights had no mornings? If it was dark always, like darkest of dark. Would people then value life better than they do now? The dark through which no one could see, only hear and feel each other. Would then we have the sense to live this life in a better way or still would be this cunning to use each other?

Would we be bounded to the regular schedules of work, sleep and meals? Or must have done everything on basis of what we love or is worth spending time on but definitely not coz the calendar says so.

Would be beautiful to the core of two souls where they can feel the True Love and nothing else that doesn’t matter to their bare souls.

May be even then being a curious creature, human would have wondered about making the world brighter and to make the world as it’s today and eventually we would be back to where we are right now. So I assume the creator knew the human tendency well and gave them all the power of senses so that it comes from their own wise about rights and wrongs. So that they can use their powers for something good or something bad, based on their own will.

The outcome then is totally a decision more than a situation human tries to get an excuse for. Instead of taking credits of all our rights and wrongs we try to give it a name of destiny or a sad bounded situation yet It’s all about the choices we make. Yeah coz everyone is sensible enough to make one.

Each of us should live through the darkest of nights to feel what this morning is all about and why it’s difficult sometimes and why is life unfair to all of us.

Saw your soul, ever?

Soul is not connected to the brain and hence it doesn’t think and manipulate the situations at all. It sees everything as they are. Soul is free from any materialistic or physical boundation. It can just feel and can show the reality of flowing emotions inside us while we sometimes miss it due to the other external things happening around simultaneously, that makes us blind.

When in love sometimes we give our all and feel there is no chance of being broken just because we love so much and we give so much without any second thought.  We feel happy being there. I felt the same till I saw my own soul trembling with fear. I saw her scattered. 

It was a regular office day and after few working hours I felt like taking a break. I went to the washroom and while walking back to my desk and thinking about my Love that was making me go against my beliefs and which was also keeping me away from my rights, I entered the main door and something felt weird. All of a sudden  the floor was all empty and dark. All I could see was only one corner of that floor which is still little bright. I am still managing to walk slowly and at one moment I couldn’t walk further. It was like my soul is not ready to go along with me. It’s making me stuck at that place. That’s when I saw myself sitting scared at that corner.

I couldn’t believe at first but how long can you ignore your own self. I asked her why is she sitting instead of coming with me. She started crying and denied to come with me. I asked if I did something wrong? If I have hurt her by any chance. While still sobbing she said I exactly know what’s happening and she feels scared and bounded and now she can’t take it any more. She feels I am being ignorant to myself while I know what’s not right. In the name of Love I am being ignorant to my own feelings and beliefs. 

I gave her my hand and promised whatever it is, I will make everything all right and she looked at me and through my eyes I felt her, inside me.

I exactly knew what was wrong but I had no idea that I myself feel it so deeply that my soul feels that unbearable pain. I made it pathetic for myself just because someone claimes his Love towards me. 

I promised I will make everything all right and I did. 

It can sound insane to somebody but not to everyone, I am sure. We don’t need any special science to see and feel ourself. What we need is a little courage to look inside once in while.  

Right to live

There was a time when news was considered the best way to connect to the world and to have a glimpse of current affairs probably. Unfortunately it’s all changed now. I wonder if it’s just the media that only prefers to show the news of abduction, quarrels, rapes and brutal murders around the world or it’s the reality that everything going around is just insane and all we have now is in-humanity.

Nowadays, the public is more attracted towards social networking for news instead of news channels because they get to choose what they want to watch but is it going to change the scenario at all? Closing our eyes to what’s happening around might give us the feeling of security but the safety is only till it happens to us.

The world is changing fast with the help of good education and technology but is that all required?? What about the morals that one should have? If education is sufficient to make a good human being then this decade would have been the best one and the expectation from the upcoming decade would have been more. But is it so? Do we think our time is the best when during small quarrels of family people are killing each other, girls are being raped by family members, friends, lovers and strangers and young boys are being assaulted?  Yes, there is lot of facility and entertainment but is everyone able to afford it? In spite of the well connected world is the right to live same for everyone?

Well, I don’t think so!! The kind of education we have right now is appreciable and valued but the humanity is certainly being lost slowly. The entire focus right now is to create a man of success. Focus is just being happy even if it comes on verge of others life. There is a race of being better and doing better than the people you know. Life isn’t about doing better than others and it’s all about being a better human than we were yesterday in all aspects of life.

Don’t be in the race.

Stop thinking that we have rights to hurt someone just because we love them. 

Stop thinking that we have a right to rape a girl just because she moves around independently.

Stop thinking that we have right to take someone’s life just because you are outrageous and at that moment it all seemed right.

Stop using people like an object for your selfishness.

Stop taking decision for their lives.

Everyone has got the right to live on their own terms. Everyone has got just one life and do not take it away from them.

Have some sense and conscience within. Have some morals in life and keep passing it on to your next generation equally in spite of their genders. Teach them to have a sight of equality and morals.

Be right, do right and more over be human!

The First Friend

Just like many other wonders of life we get this person as an inspiring delight. It is absolutely necessary to understand the uniqueness of this friend keeping her motherhood aside. She brought us into this world and that was something she thought of as her duty, need and love. But all those moments when she tried becoming our friend, that wasn’t a need or a duty that was something she really desired. Due to lack of our own understanding of relationships, maybe we don’t give her that approval of becoming more than a mother to us. She is more than a mother and a wife. She is endless and vast.

There is a saying “daughters are more likely to be closer to their fathers than their mothers”. Well not in many cases but it doesn’t have to be completely wrong. Certainly she is all in one just like she is for me. She holds the universe and not the just the world inside her. To me she is a friend first and a mother later, the position she has never lost in several years.

We don’t understand our childhood while we are actually living it but it creates a film inside our head as a memory when we come to our own senses sooner or later. When I close my eyes to have a view of my own childhood and find life flowing like scenes of my own film. While I strive to chase those moments my mind asserted “pause” participating actively.

Let’s go Mom?

She wondered if Dad is up. She stared at him and then she evinced me to come to the kitchen after being totally assured that he is in his own happy snoring zone.

Like many other nights, I and Mom would crave for sweets and we moved secretly without being seen straight to the kitchen. She would make some sweets and we would eat like two little criminals closing the door.  That’s when Dad came to the picture “C’mon guys! its 30 past 1 in the morning”.

We shall slowly move without uttering a word and jump directly into our beds.

“Mom, you need to check properly from next time”. I said as I wipe my mouth off that delicious dessert.

“Shut up and sleep, I am too full to talk”. My Mom.

And that’s her sometimes playing a Mom and sometimes a Dad to me.

I never felt a need of finding a friend as she was trying her best to be one. I as a friend could find it really valuable and attractive.  Her efforts were startling and her friendship was incredible. Throughout my life she has always been there and she will always be there less as a mother and more as a friend.

We had our own small fun games which we played inside our small one room house that she kept clean like a mirror all the time. We could play, fight and laugh. She was so fascinated with my studies that she woke up all night to accompany me. I did not sleep nor did she.  She was re-living her childhood through me and I was glad to see that brightness in her eyes. We had gained such a relationship that we could understand each other’s position and could hide our disappointments behind our broad smiles because we have each other.

My First friend, teacher and an inspiration.

From small childhood lessons to big lessons of life she has been a guide always.  She never forced upon rather she had a way of teaching everything. While growing up like every other person I went through many rights & wrongs. I could survive with the help of the morals that she passed on to me. The most astonishing part is if someone could change anything I still wouldn’t want to.

People say that all mothers are same but no they are not. Feeling of becoming a mother might be same but being a mother to her own child is different. All mothers out there have their own specialty and ways. She could be anything to her child and she has the power to make her child anything.

She is courageous, she is compassionate and she is extraordinary.                                      Her love is peace, her love is pure and her love is unconditional. She is our home!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                             Tere hone se har mushkil aasan hai, Maa tu hi guroor mera aur tu hi meri pehchan hai!!
Tune jo bhi sikhaya apne saath main rakhti hun, waise hi ab mushkilon mein bhi hansti hun..
Teri har muskan se zindagi mein nikhar hai,  Maa tu hi guroor mera aur tu hi meri pehchan hai!
                                                                                                                                                                                          Dhalte lamhon mein jab bikharne na diya tune mujhe, unhi lamhon mein zindagi bharke rakhti hun..
Bachpan ki har yaad tujh hi se aabaad hai, Maa tu hi guroor mera aur tu hi meri pehchan hai!
                                                                                                                                                                                                Wakt ki ehmiyat jo seekhi hai tujhse, isi wakt se ek dosti si rakhti hun, mehsus ise karti hun..
Tera har labz mere liye aashiyane samaan hai, Maa tu hi guroor mera aur tu hi meri pehchan hai!
                                                                                                                                                                                                Dil jab hota hai tanha aksar, main yaad tujhe hi karti hun,
Chupke chupke soch tujhe main banti aur bigadti hun,
Teri khil khilahaton mein mera sara sansar hai, Maa tu hi guroor mera aur tu hi meri pehchan hai!
Tere hone se har mushkil aasan hai, Maa tu hi guroor mera aur tu hi meri pehchan hai!!!!

Use your wings, fly high

The gloomy sky with the shades of cloud,                                                                               Ohh I wanna fly but lem’me take my crown 👑

Love for the mornings and esteem of time,                                                                            Ohh I wanna fly but lem’me hold my chime

Breathe of wind shows the way to go,                                                                               Follow the sense which will make me flow,                                                                             Ohh I wanna fly but lem’me wear my glow

Rawness in hearts with beauty in voice,                                                                           they chirp so loud from the corner of boyce,                                                                           Ohh I wanna fly but lem’me take my choice

I weigh so much is that the game of gravity,                                                                               No! I carry so much which takes my jollity,                                                                               Yes I wanna fly lem’me leave all behind

Just close my eyes and be so blind,                                                                                 nothing matters to me in the world of whine,                                                                         I will fly with the force of wind and touch the sky till I chin

I will fly, very high using my wings!!